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Motivating office design--a way to have better success rate

Can office furniture be motivating? Yes, it is can be. A large percentage of your office success lies in the kind of furniture and working conditions it offers. A well-organized office with a good décor and amenities will produce better results than an office whose employees work hard throughout the year but yield poor results at the end.

Office furniture affects the employees and their output
According to the survey commissioned by the Office Exhibition in the UAE, design and the office-layout actually affect the motivation level and productivity of its employees. Released early in the first week of January 2010 the survey reveals that almost 90 percent of office workers who were questioned have confirmed it. Sad part of the survey is that despite being aware of the importance of office design, more than 50% of employers fail to assess their employees' satisfaction with their working environment.

Increasing health problems
With the kind of furniture many offices have, there are regular health-related complaints from employees. Some highlighted areas of complaints and discomfort are; room temperature, back pain and damaged eyesight. In fact back pain is one of the biggest health complaints in the UK. Poorly designed office chair and seating arrangements can be held as the main reason for such common health problems.

A study by The Work Foundation has also found that musculoskeletal disorders like back pain, neck pain are the main cause why there is nearly half percentage of employees present in offices.

What kind of furniture should be there in offices
As per the survey by the Office Exhibition in the UAE, the offices need to have some funky and comfortable furniture to see your employees reaching the optimum productivity. Moreover, the environment at the office should also be motivating and encouraging. A dull office can never expect good results. There should be some excitement and activities going in an office. Add some colourful, motivational and inspiring quotes to energize the atmosphere.

So update your old office furniture and design if you wish to see a better attendance at office and, of course to have a better success rate. If you are looking for some adjustable ergonomic office furniture then visit sites like www.btoffice.com which specialize in this kind of furniture. Select from their large range of comfortable office furniture that suit to every budget and taste.

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