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Inkgrabber.com gets Go Green certification for offering an environment-friendly solution

DHL has recently awarded a Go Green certification to Inkgrabber.com for its effort to check in soil pollution. Inkgrabber.com is a company founded with an intention to save consumers’ hard-laboured money on inkjet and toner cartridges. In the time of recession when it is important to save money, Inkgrabber has done just the right thing by offering a cost-effective and environment-friendly solution.

People at Inkgrabber.com figured out that the easiest and the most economical way to save money on cartridge is to remanufacture them for resale on lower prices. Empty ink cartridges from consumers are thus collected and later taken through a vigorous inspection process that ensures that the cartridges will produce high quality prints.

Once remanufactured, the finished products are tested before selling them to the customers. Then the final product is sold to the users at a price which is up to 92% OFF the original price. Hence, with the effort of Inkgrabber.com consumers save good amount on an overpriced print cartridge.

Thus, besides saving money, Inkgrabber.com also helps in checking soil pollution by keeping empty cartridges away from landfills. Check out at www.inkgrabber.com to find out more on how to save money on ink cartridge.

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